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Exhibition Tutankhamun - 2019 March, 23rd to September, 15th

  • The exhibition of Tutankhamun takes place at the large hall of La Villette from March 23, 2019 to September 15, 2019.
  • Fifty years after "the exhibition of the century", which had gathered more than 1.2 million visitors in 1967 in Paris, it is a unique opportunity to rediscover the history of the most famous Pharaohs before the permanent installation of the artifacts within the new Egyptian Grand Museum currently under construction.
  • The exhibition is the only one allowed to present 150 authentic objects from Tutankhamun's tomb. All objects in the exhibition come from the tomb of Tutankhamun dating back to the XVIIIth Dynasty (more than 3300 years ago).
  • The 150 objects are a tiny part of the treasure of the tomb of Pharaoh. More than 4000 objects were counted during its discovery on November 4, 1922 by the British archaeologist Howard Carter. Of the 150 exhibits, 50 travel for the first time out of Egypt.
  • We invite you to take part in a wonderful trip to the great hall of La Villette to discover many personal belongings of the young sovereign who accompanied him in the two worlds that are life and death.
  • Undoubtedly, an exhibition not to be missed!
  • Why was he called Tutankhamen?
  • This young Pharaoh, named Tutankhaton at his birth, which means "living image of Aton". He is the son of the Pharaoh of Akhenaton, a controversial pharaoh for the time. Tutankhamun's mother was none other than Akhnaton's sister. On the death of his father, to appease the religious tenets, he abandons the religion of Athon, founded by his father, to reinstate the religion of Amon. As a result, he will change his name from Tutankhamun to Tutankhamun, which means "Living Image of Amun".
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2019 Agenda of Events at the Stade de France

  • This year the Stade de France offers us many incredible events, both sporting and musical.
  • First, at the sports level for rugby:
  • The French rugby team receives the Scotland team as part of the 6 Nations tournament, which will take place on Saturday 23 February.
  • Like every year, there will be the final match of Top 14, on June 15th.
  • Football will not be left behind because:
  • There will be qualifying matches for Euro 2020, and for that, France will receive Iceland on March 25, Albania on September 07, and Andorra on October 14, and Moldova will close the ball on November 14th.
  • The final of the Coupe de France will take place on April 27th. Will the PSG defend its title for the 5th year in a row?
  • Wonderful musical events will also surprise us:
  • The Californian group Metallica will open the festivities for its only date in France, May 12th.
  • For the most nostalgic, the greatest singers of the 80s will be present on May 18th at the Stars 80 party, to make you sing and dance on the most beautiful pieces of your childhood.
  • MUSE, one of the most famous British groups, from the Devon region, will be visiting our beautiful capital on July 5th and 6th.
  • Finally Maître Gims, will close the sale of concerts at the Stade de France on September 28, and his tour that began last November.
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